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Private Visa Run

Tired of doing visa runs? Want to do something different?

Pattaya Professional Photographer

Professional photographs of you and your girlfriend or fiancé during a one day tour of the beautiful and majestic sites in Pattaya.

Cosy Lounge

The best place to watch the footy, or answer tickets on a rainy day.

Natural Waterfall

Do you know the Waterfall in Pattaya? Pattaya Guide Can show you!
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October 27, 2013 Money Back When Sharing on Facebook

Happy house guests

Joy is an excellent guide.  I wanted to see some temples.  I didn’t know many in the area.  She knew many already and also did research ahead of time to find more, including locations, history and other facts.  She planned out routes to go from temple to temple to optimize time and see as many as possible.  She was good at adapting her plans as she could tell which temples I liked more than others.  She was very professional and knowledgeable and always made it a point to translate and make sure I understood about the places we were visiting.

Just brilliant I did not know all these things where in Pattaya!

Pattaya Guide and Taxi is the ultimate guide service in Thailand for both aspiring and seasoned travelers. Put your feet up and relax. They take care of everything.
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